How to deal with difficult people at work like this person?

8 Nice Tips About How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

As we know, there are many types and many characters of the peoples in the world, such as humorist type, stubborn, melancholic, etc. It can’t be denied that we often meet with someone like that in our daily life, especially in our workplace. In order to have a good relationship with them every day, we have to find some ways about how to deal with difficult people at work.

How to deal with difficult people at work like this person?

“Nah, I’m so stubborn so I don’t care what you’re saying to me”

I have an experience about working with someone who is very stubborn. I really don’t know what to do, because she doesn’t want to hear about others opinion. She always thinks that her opinion is the best, so sometimes I prefer not talking to her.

Nowadays, we usually meet people who we are very annoying and so difficult to deal. Worse, our works are connected to them so we don’t have any choice but to face them. So the question is, how can we deal with them?

And Now, Face The Mighty Tips for How to Deal with Difficult People at Work!

The hard thing about difficult people is they don’t realize it, especially when we are at the workplace. When we meet and have to work together with them, we need to know some tricks to deal with them.

Let's talk about how to face mean people at work

“OK people. Let’s learn some tricks to deal with difficult people at your office.”

So, here goes nothing! Read on some useful tips below:


1. Keep calm

It is easy to get hot-headed when facing difficult and stubborn people at work. However, I don’t want to quarrel with him/her at office. I usually calm down for a while then take a deep breath for a few minutes then take it out. After that I feel more comfortable because I can control my emotion and can think more clearly about anything.


2. Be patient

If we have to work together with someone that difficult to deal, we must have extra patience. This is heavily related with the previous tip, except patience works in the middle of talking or discussing with that person. Without it, we will not reach any conclusion and our works will be hard to finish.


3. We must have a firm attitude

If we want to deal with difficult people at work, we must have a firm attitude so that he/she can more respect to us and I suggest that we only talk to him/her about work, not anything else.


4. Choose the correct time to discuss with him/her

If I want to talk with my stubborn co-worker, I usually choose the correct time to discuss it when she is in a good mood, because it is more easily to her to accept our opinions. If she is in a bad mood, then it will be hard to get something done from her. Unless it is very urgent, I prefer to do another job and find other time to talk again with her.


5. Appreciate his/her opinion

Just because we don’t like that person, doesn’t mean that we can choose to not working together with him/her. When talking with that person regarding, try to appreciate and comprehend his/her opinion.

If we disagree with something, try to counter it with a good reason and calm emotion. Before doing that, we can say something like “I think that is a good opinion of yours, but maybe this can work better…”. Show that we respect his/her opinion and do not show negative statement.


6. Be a good employee in front of him/her

Well, this is more on your working attitude in front of the difficult person with same department as yours. Show that person that you are a good employee in your department. Get your job well done, and be helpful to people around you, including that person. He/she will appreciate it and will start to turn good to you.


7. Talk honestly

If you have tried to be a helpful person in front of him/her but here is no sign of changing, you can opt to try talking with him/her directly. Explain it in a very logical reasoning, that both of your works will not get better if this problem continue.

You can also apply some tips from dealing with difficult bosses in this article. The main reason that you need to work together is to maintain and improve your department’s performance, and ultimately the company overall performance. In my experience, logical reasoning will work better in this case rather than feel reasoning.


8. Find a mediator to deal with that person

Actually if we already take the ways above, and nothing seems to work, then the only way that we can do that is finding a mediator. If you know someone who is close to him/her, you can try to work through the mediator.

This may not work forever, so eventually you need the mediator to talk the situation with that difficult people. If this doesn’t work too, the ultimate solution is to talk with your boss or someone superior and find another way so the job can still get done.

If You are Ready, Let’s Try It

I think that’s all some tips that I can share about how to deal with difficult people at work. I hope all the tips can help all the people in the world especially the workers to deal with difficult people at work.

If you have another problem in the work like anxiety, you may want to read this article. Good luck with your work :) If you have any food for thought, do leave a comment.

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