This article is an Anxiety Antidote - How to deal with anxiety at work

8 Tips about How to Deal with Anxiety at Work

Nowadays, who haven’t feeling afraid or anxious? Everyone include me, sometimes feels afraid or anxious about something. It is the normal emotion that we have in our life. But of course it’s also not good if we often feel like that because that can make us always afraid of doing anything in our daily life.

For examples : when I first get a job from a company after applying for a few days, I certainly feel very happy, but I also feel anxious about the interview, about what I want to say when the boss ask me or about my  performance in front of the boss. This is anxiety that I have at work and it sometimes bother me so much. So if we want to work well, we must know the ways about how to deal with anxiety at work.

This article is an Anxiety Antidote - How to deal with anxiety at work

I’m sure if we know the ways to deal with our anxiety, we can consentrate at work and we can feel comfortable at work. So, this time I want to share some ways about how to deal with anxiety at work.

Here are some tips to help you dealing with anxiety at your work :


  1. Come to the office earlier than the others

I always come to the office earlier than the others, because that can make me have much times to think about what I want to do later so when it’s time to work, I don’t have to panic because it’s already planned well. It is also one advantage for me because my boss always want to have meeting in the morning before we begin work, so when the boss isn’t coming yet, I can prepare all the materials for the meeting and I can think about what questions that the boss will ask me, etc. So when it’s time for meeting, I don’t have to panic, because it’s already prepared well.


  1. Take a deep breath for a few minutes and then take it out slowly.

If I feel anxious about something like how about my work?, can I finish it today? or what does the boss want me to do next time?. Sometimes this things will going more bad if I can’t losing it out from my mind. So if I feel anxious, I usually take a deep breath for a few minutes and then take it out slowly. This can make me feel more comfortable and our anxiety can lose from my mind.


  1. Positive thinking

We should always have positive thinking, because good things happen from our positive thinking. So if we always have positive thinking, then we will be in a good mood to work every day and I’m sure that our anxiety will be lose out of our mind.


  1. Optimistic

We should optimistic that we can do our work properly and we can finish it on time. We can say to ourself like “We’re optimistic, yes we can do it”. If we can convince ourself then our anxiety can lose from our mind.


  1. Talk with friends

When I feel bored or anxious about something, I usually talk to my friends about the problems. And sometimes they can give me some solutions for the matter so it won’t make me stress to think about the solutions of the problems.


  1. Praying

If I don’t have time to talk with my friends about the problems that I have or my friends don’t have time for me, I usually pray to The God. After praying, I calm down and silent for a while, then think carefully about what I want to do now. This way can make me feel more comfortable and my anxiety will be lose out of my mind.


  1. Listen to the music

If I feel bored or feel anxious about something, I sometimes can take this way, that is listening to the music. Music can make me relax for a while and forgetting my anxiety.


  1. Sleep Enough

After work for a long day, we certainly tired when we got home. So we must sleep enough to make our body feel fresh and ready to work tomorrow. If we sleep enough then we will be in a good mood tomorrow and our anxiety will lose out of our mind.

That’s all some ways about How to deal with anxiety at work. I hope all the ways can help many peoples in the world to make their fear or their anxiety disappeared. So they can feel more comfortable with their jobs and can work well every day.

If you want to know other tips about raising your productivity at your work, start working with your time management skills by clicking here. Any food for thought is welcome :)

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  1. Very good tips for dealing with anxiety at work, all the tips you shared will help people with their anxiety at work once they make it a daily routine.

    Many people experience anxiety at work because they are not happy with what they are doing, I was that person for many years and my anxiety did get the best of me because I did not have good coping skills.

    Everyone needs to find what works best for them, your article will give people a good start in finding what works for them

  2. Hi there, thank you for writing this. I think this article will benefit many people who are suffering from work anxiety. The steps outlined could potentially be the right solutions for them. I agree the most with getting to work earlier so that you can properly plan out your day. Staying organized is a very good solution for work anxiety. Anyways, thanks again.

  3. Getting less anxious generally just comes with experience I feel. When I worked as a business consultant at Rogers I felt nervous as hell the first week I worked there. But it’s all about figuring out the workplace and what about the job makes you anxious.

    Eventually, if you work somewhere long enough your anxiety starts to disappear the more you work. The hard part is just slugging it out.

    I like your article a lot, gives nice practical advice, although I have to say that it’s hard to be optimistic about a job that doesn’t pay you well, is stressful and where you can’t move up.

    1. Hi Darren, thank you for sharing your opinion :) Uh yes, in my experience, dealing with anxiety at new job can be easier over time. The problem is when you feel the job doesn’t pay you enough. If you have experienced this struggle while you think your job is overloaded, you may want to check how to negotiate with your boss here.

  4. Thanks for the interesting article and very good tips for dealing with anxiety at work. Actually I think your tips are very good for all kinds of anxiety, not only the anxiety at work. What do you think about doing some yoga or some other exercises before going to work? It helps me at work and with many stresses and anxieties during the day.

    1. Hi Kristof, thanks for sharing your opinion :) Yeah, I also heard that yoga and meditation can help you to deal with anxiety too. They also good to increase your concentration, so you may become more productive in the workdays. Thanks for the great idea 😉

  5. i recently wrote a blog post on how to handle anxiety. To be honesty i like the content you provided. being optimistic about your day is a great to overcome anxiety. I concur with all the tips you gave. because if anyone can overcome anxiety they would be able to find their inner strength much quicker! great post!

    1. Hi King, thanks for letting me know :) Will be glad to read how you handle your anxiety at workplace. Anxiety is a common problem for us, the office worker. I hope our tips can help people to deal with it.

  6. These are some nice tips. I used to suffer from anxiety so bad when I worked at a physical job. I would be kept up at night thinking about it, have nightmares about it, then have to wake up after 3 hours of sleep with even more anxiety. I’m so glad I work at home now, but I could’ve used your tips at the time.
    Anyway, I spent some time going through the rest of your website. I really like the simplicity of it all. It makes it easy to read and comprehend.

    1. HI Gina, glad you have sorted it out :) Yeah anxiety is one of major problems most workers encounter frequently in their jobs. Thank you for sharing your opinion and your compliment :)

  7. I think getting enough sleep is one of the most important things to do. I have found that getting enough sleep clears your head and you are able to think clearly the next day. This ties with staying away from a glass of wine the previous evening.
    As much as a glass of wine can do wonders to calm one down after a long day, you usually feel terrible and anxious the next day. Good article.

    1. Yes thank you Sazi for sharing your opinion. Getting enough sleep is not only a good way to deal with Anxiety, but also to increase the productivity at work. Thanks for commenting :)

  8. These are some awesome tips that we all need. It is always difficult to balance our job, home life and family. I appreciate the idea of getting to your job early and taking a few minutes to plan the day out.

    Also, it is not always easy to be positive and optimistic, but I know these things are going to help me to be a better worker and a better person.

    Keep up the great work with this site! Richard

    1. Hi Richard, thank you. It is certainly hard to be positive and optimistic at the work. This is true especially when you are new to your job. I hope this tips can be useful to you :)

  9. I didn’t even know I needed this when I came across your article but I definitively have some stress at work lately (don’t we all). Not that it’s related to my work load or co-workers but I guess the job becomes generic after more than one year.

    These super simple tips makes me feel better just by reading it, I guess that means I never really though of them. I LOVE the first and last tip of going to work earlier and getting enough tips. For one, sleeping more lately has helped me feel a deal better.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re very more than welcome, Anh :) Yeah, simple actions like come earlier can make a great change. I hope you will feel really better after applying some tips above :)

  10. Thanks for this great post on getting control in one’s business life.
    Most folks do not understand how simple preparation and planning can ease their stress levels a lot.

    I love how you have broken down each stressful detail and provided an easy and reliable fix for each situation.

    The only thing I do not do is #6, praying to me is something that folks do when they can’t find resolution, I am a technician by trade, so I deal with the realities of a situation and resolve it.

    I will leave the praying to those that choose to not educate themselves…
    Thanks again, great post,


    1. Hi Canna :) Thanks for visiting and I hope those tips can really help you if you ever caught in anxiety at your workplace. Yes, you can abandon the praying tips. Some people may find it useful but some other who prefer logic over belief or just can’t find comfort in praying may resort to other tips :)

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