About Me

Hi everyone!

When I do not have anything to do and just browsing randomly like all the time in world belong to me, I stumbled upon this one article called ‘Secret Recipe To Successful Career‘. I learned from there a very important thing to be success at any working environment: How to balance your daily life and work life can give enormous boost to your performance.

As a normal office worker with 9 to 5 job (my working hour is actually from 8 to 5 and usually longer, but the common term for this job is “9 to 5 job” so I will stick with this term), I realize that this is something that I should do. Yes, I was trapped in the ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ misinterpretation that I almost give up my life just to work and keep my wallet fat enough everyday.

Everyday I woke up, I just think about ‘What should I report to my boss today’ or ‘How should the data be processed’. Even when I talk with my friends out of office, or even when I am in a simple weekend holiday, the ‘working’ mind always sticks with me like a stamp stickied to an envelope.

Work Life Balance

“Don’t push yourself too hard or you will enjoy nothing”

I realize there are many people like me out there, whose mind are like ‘My Life is My Work’ without even give a damn to their daily life. As a result, they are not enjoying their life to the fullest. Thus, I create this blog in hope to help both me and other people so all of us can manage our life better, both our work life and daily life.

The name “workNOaholic” is deriverd from the work “workaholic” with the “NO” as a gimmick. You can say that this blog is about how to not being an over-workaholic and remind you to maintain the work-life balance.

Hopefully, you can enjoy reading this blog and we shall share our experience to achieve the true Work-Life Balance :) Happy reading everyone.

Alexander Blue (Alblue)