We can start a business while working full time when considering these 7 factors

How to Start a Business while Working Full Time PERFECTLY

First we born then go to school. Find a college to fill the knowledge, using a fund that yet to be found. That’s the common flow of how we grow. Some lucky fish could swim out of stream, but most of them should bury their dream.

Wow, what’s gotten into me? Haha.. I just wanna say that most of us will work 9 to 5 like how we are supposed to be. Has it ever crossed your mind to start a business while working full time?

We can start a business while working full time when considering these 7 factors

That is a great idea, but to make it PERFECT you should consider the 7 PERFECT factors.

1. Passion

Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Unfortunately, not everybody can turn their passion into 9 to 5 jobs. So why don’t we make it a side job?

A passion is not only a hobby, if you only love to do it, it is hobby. But if you are able to do it well and you love it, it is passion. When you find your passion you will have to find the right business to turn that into money. Then the most important thing is to start doing that.

2. Effort

Well, maybe you are not doing what you love well enough. How can you make a living from it? More effort. If what you do is not satisfying enough, more effort always been an answer.

Please realize that taking a side job outside your regular working hour will need an extra effort. Make sure you pick a side job that needs reasonable amount of energy or effort to succeed. Otherwise, it will give you less or even none.

3. Responsibility

Having a side job means you are prepared to be held responsible from both parties, your main job and your side job. Here you will be faced by priorities conflict, it is inevitable. Which one do you choose to be your priorities?

For me, it is not called main job for no reason. It is called as it is because it should be main priorities. It is a different story if you want to make your side job into main job. Then you will have to swift your priorities slowly. After all, it is for us to choose our own path.

4. Fun

If we want to spend more energy and having more responsibility why not make it fun enough? It will make doing it a lot easier. Even more, if you choose the right side job, it can be a stress reliever for your main job. Thus, you got 2 items for 1 price.

5. Effective and efficient

Another thing to consider when choosing a side job is its effectiveness and efficiency. It is effective if it gives positive and  significant effect on your life. And it is efficient if the income is better than the outcome, not limited in the terms of money.

Both of this factor is related to each other. More effective a side job you do, more efficient it will be. It can be related to another factor i said earlier. For example, if it doesn’t make you enough money or doesn’t make you fun enough then it isn’t effective. And if it takes too much effort then it is not efficient. So make sure that a side job can be effective and efficient even when you have a main job to take care of.

6. Competitive

Even since before we are born, we already been faced by competition. Those who lives is those who win. Apparently, this competition keeps going on alongside a human life.

There is a competition in a main job. And there is also a competition in a side job. What’s important is, when choosing a side job, make sure that it won’t reduce your competitive sense in your main job and make sure that you can be competitive in your side job.

7. Time

However you spent your time, for good or bad, they won’t return. That’s why it is one of the consideration when you pick a side job.

When you’re working 9 to 5 it will be tricky to have a side job. Will you sacrifice your break time? Will you sacrifice your weekend? Or will you steal your main working hour for a side job?

Those are solutions dressed as questions. It is your choice to pick one of them, or all of them, or none of them.

So that’s it from me. Those were my PERFECT suggestions and tips if you want to start a business while working full time. Don’t forget to maintain your work-life balance too. Hopes it help!

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