Have you got an idea what is work life balance definition

Important: What is work life balance definition for you?

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. This is my first post here and I’m glad I can be here, writing about work life balance. People want to be good at both their job and their daily life. To have work life balance is important if you realize the benefit. What is work life balance definition? Is it the same for everyone?

I always want to write about work life balance and share what I know about it, so that we all can achieved the real work life balance. However, let’s start with a big smile before reading ahead.

A smile can make your day better

Smile will make the mood, and good mood will make the day

Anyone dreamed for having a 9 to 5 job when you are still a kid?

If you have a 9 to 5 job, you must be familiar with this: get up early in the morning, prepare yourself to work, slip into the crowd maybe even stuck with traffic jam, spent at least the next eight hours bury yourself in the paperwork or replying email or anything else that your job required you to do, driving back to home, have your dinner and go to sleep.

9 to 5 jobs look cool

Office work looks cool

It’s pretty common practice everywhere. But today, I want to share something important with you, which is about what is work life balance definition.

Sometimes I wondered what kind of life I would live once I started to make a living for myself. I thought it would be fabulous. 9 to 5 office job looks so cool in my eyes when I was a small, innocent kid.

You know, I saw my parents and relatives went to work every day and they looked.. cool. Woke up early every morning, went to the office, got back at the evening and got paid every month. Who isn’t proud for having a cool and professional looking job, right?

Their lives looked so structured. At least, that’s how it seemed.

When You Finally Realized the Cruelty of Life, It was too Late… Or Maybe Not?

Applause for knowing the reality of life

You are one of us now! Hooray!

Now that I have my own job, I know that it’s far more complicated than how I thought it would be. Honestly, now I realized that it’s pretty hard to have a work life balance. Hence, the cruelty of life :)

I know I’m not the only one. There are so many people out there who also struggling to have a work life balance. Well, that may include you too.

I’ve seen many friends of mine work their butt almost every day, including Saturday and Sunday in certain occasion. Sometimes it is caused by the job. The other times, they just choose to work overtime because they feel there are not many things to do other than working.

That’s what happened when you’re too busy with your work. Having balance is indeed not something easy to do. However, we are still alive now. It is not too late to start thinking how you can have a work life balance.

Why is It Important to Understand the Definition of Work Life Balance?

Why is it important to know the work life balance definition

What is the meaning of the word “Important” in this post title?

Let’s start with the general meaning of the term “Work Life Balance”.

Basically the term of work balance is used to define the balance in individual’s work and personal life. I did a little research about this before and I found something really interesting. There are many definitions about work life balance and everyone may have their own definition. But there are two key components that can help you have a work life balance, which are achievement and enjoyment.

If these two are fulfilled then you are most likely have a work life balance.

I guess everyone has already got an understanding about achievement. It’s a tangible element as you normally can see what you’ve achieved. So let’s talk about the intangible element, enjoyment. Enjoyment here is more than just the feeling you have when you laugh out of a little joke. It’s a combination of all the joy of living, pride, satisfaction, happiness, fulfillment, a sense of well-being.

These two, achievement and enjoyment, are like two sides of coin for your work. You can’t have one without the other.

Life is a two sided coin too

Coins have two sides. So do our life.

Many people live a one sided life and that’s the reason they are so unhappy with their life. If you can’t get both of these, then you can’t have full value of life. If we put it all into a summary, we can say that definition of work life balance is having achievement and enjoyment in every side of your life, including work, family, friends and yourself.

And this is why you need to define the term of “Work Life Balance” for yourself. It helps to satisfy the basic need of your life: achievement and enjoyment.

So, What is Work Life Balance Definition in Your Heart?

Have you got an idea what is work life balance definition

Do you have an idea now?

You can ask this to yourself:

  1. Does your job allow you to have enough time to spend and enjoy with your family and friends?
  2. Do you still have some time to enjoy something just for you out of the busy day?
  3. For every minute you spent at work, do you find satisfaction doing it all?

No matter what kind of job you are doing, it is important not to forget about all these questions. When you finally answer YES to all of the questions, then you have found the work life balance. That’s what makes your life really worth in the ends.

So, have you find what is work life balance definition for you? For me, it is about working in technology, game, or self-improvement field; and no string attached with the working time. I prefer a flexible working time and have an ability to choose whenever I want to work.

Don’t forget that all of the key elements I mentioned before and try to apply it to whatever job you are doing right now. Also, don’t just focus to only one element as to reach balance, everything is important. In workNOaholic, I will also talk more about work life balance, productivity hack, and good working habit. So please look forward to other articles as well.

If you have found your own definition of work life balance, do leave a comment below :) Food for thoughts are welcomed.

Alexander Blue

A writer, gamer, book lover, music addict, and a dreamer. My life motto is 'Every thousand mile begins with a single step'. I like to share helpful information with others because the positive feeling is contagious and it will make everyone's life better.
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  1. I’ve been labeled a workaholic from some people in my life so I really need to work on a work life balance. I think if I was happier about overall life, I would find working more motivating. With working at home, it feels like there is never enough work time because of distractions. This makes me stuck.

    1. Hi Gina, thanks for sharing your experience :) I suggest you create a ‘working space’ in your home and throw away any potential distraction in the working space (like TVs). Working at home has its own merit, but yeah we are really vulnerable with distractions. I hope you can overcome it :)

  2. It amazes me that we still live in a world were working 5 days out of the week and having 2 days off is classed as ‘normal’. I know there are some great companies out there like Zappo’s who will wash your car, or do your laundry for you while you are at work. They would prefer their employees to have family time at the weekends, not to be doing chores.
    I’m very lucky as I only work (for someone else) 28 hours a week, and this is a choice I have made. This gives me plenty of time to do more of the things I love plus spend more time with people I love. Gladly I’m now ‘en route’ to achieve my personal Work Life Balance.

    1. HI Emily, glad to hear that you have found your personal Work-Life Balance :) Yeah, I wish employers have been more thoughful for their employees’ work-life balance too.

  3. The rat race leaves most of us confused.

    It is often hard to determine how much time we should spend on work and how much time we should focus on our family life.

    This post is brilliant because it helps us to focus on what really matters. But. more importantly, it helps us to determine what the ultimate balance should be and I would recommend this post to anyone who has struggled with defining their work life balance.

    1. Hi Braxa, thank you for sharing your opinion. Yes, we should have work-life balance to achieve a better life. Family, health, relationship is something that you can’t replace with anything, so try to find the right balance )

  4. Does your job allow you to have enough time to spend and enjoy with your family and friends? –
    We all have 24 hours a day. I want to spend more time with my kids.

    Do you still have some time to enjoy something just for you out of the busy day? –
    Definetely. But sometimes I like work hard as a solopreneur to get my business going. At the end of the day we all need some relaxing. But better: Relax in some short breaks, if you’ve the chance. Best technique: Deeeeep Breathing (you can do while working too, if you’re conscious)

    For every minute you spent at work, do you find satisfaction doing it all? –
    I love working on my website-project. If you know your work is for your own copany it helps a lot:-)

    1. Hi Dirk, excellent advice there :) Solopreneur is hard if you are not good with time management, and I can see you are a master of being a solopreneur. Thank you for sharing and I’m sure this will contribute to other readers too.

  5. That is so clever, workNoholic! Love it. It is hard to bust out of the norm and take chances these days. Plus there are so many scams out there and I’ve been burned many times. Everyone is looking for that perfect balance with work and life. Thanks for putting together this information.
    You are helping people in a great way when they’re searching out work life balance.
    Looking forward to more of your writing.

    1. Hello Meher, thanks for your compliment :)

      Yeah, everyone is looking for a work life balance and really, we should consider to achieve it. Thanks and I hope more people will realize the importance of work-life balance definition :)

  6. This is a great article. I think society needs to start valuing work life balance more to solve many of our problems. The article did leave me wanting more in terms of tips for work life balance, which will be good because I need some tips about work life balance.

    Your site is organized and your writing flows very conversationally. I think you have a great start and I will check back to hopefully read more of your new writing!

    1. Hi Erin, thanks for the compliment :) Sure I’ll update it in the near time with more tips on work life balance. Please stand by on it :)

  7. The perfect work/life balance is what everyone is searching for. And personally, I think a lot of companies out there are beginning to make it a priority for their employees. Even though having your own business and working for yourself can have its perks, many companies are taking major strides to improve work/life balance.

    That includes more vacation time, flexible schedules, recreational activities inside the office, etc. I think it’s because big companies are beginning to learn that burnt out, unhappy employees aren’t very efficient. A happy work environment breeds higher efficiency and morale, which can spill over into employees’ home lives as well. What’s better than that?

    And this goes to your point about the necessity for achievement and enjoyment. Why not be able to achieve in a less stressful way? Enjoy your job and the things you do outside of work? I know a handful of people who hate their jobs, but I know they’d be lost without them. It’s that need for achievement that makes them care so much. I hope everyone takes some time to decide what the proper work/life balance is for them and makes it a point to attain it.

    1. Hi Matt, thanks for sharing your opinions. You are very right. When companies also think about work-life balance aspect of its employees, it actually improves their performance and of course, improving the company’s overall performance. I have written an article about how negative work-life balance can destroy an employee’s life, and you may want to check it.

      The hard thing is when company treat their employees as ‘slave’, because employees can’t survive without working to them. Sometimes, employees need to search the best way for themselves how to balance their work with their life. I hope everyone reading this article can start to realize the importance of work-life balance.

  8. To me the term work-life balance is at times an oxymoron because our lives are never completely in balance. If our children never grew up, if our job duties never changed, and the random variables of life were consistent, then there would be balance. Our lives are dynamic all the type. It’s about keeping some karma in the chaos so that things don’t just get out of control.

    1. Hi Sarah, Yeah it may true that our lives can’t never completely in balance. However, the effort to make it as balanced as possible will drive us to a better life. It is better to try than never thinking about that :) Thanks for your opinion.

  9. It is indeed a difficult thing sometimes to balance work and life at home. What is even harder is the balance between doing a normal job, doing a part time job and doing family life too.
    Finding the balance is really hard sometimes and I for one haven’t found it yet.

    1. Hi Andrew, I agree so much with you. Balancing the work and life is even harder for anyone who has already spouse and children. I wish you can find it. Try visiting this web once in a while to see some tips about work-life balance :)

  10. This has been a big challenge for me. I tend to get too obsessed about my goals and achievement, my life can get pretty unbalanced…or at least I assume. Because even if I can accomplish goals I end up feeling empty and burnt out after accomplishing goals. And I thought it was maybe because I don’t really have “play time” But because I’ve been so obsessed about goals I don’t know what I enjoy anymore. This has been a big challenge for me recently.

    1. Yes Joon! I really know how that feels. I have experienced numerous achievement in my job previously, but I felt empty. I realize that my problem is not only the lack of “play time”, but also the lack of “passion”.

      Hence, in my opinion, work-life balance will need ‘passion’ too as a core element to be achieved. I wish you the best success to overcome the challenge :)

  11. Finding a balance between our work and play (achievement/enjoyment) really requires a gut wrenching and honest look into our lives. We may not like what we see. Usually we’re not having enough play time or enjoyment. I think it is important to plan our balance. We must make a date with ourselves to do the passions we love. I like to play golf but if I don’t plan to play then I’ll just work. That’s not balance.You’re right most activities fall into just 2 categories: achievement and enjoyment. Have you found that planning more enjoyment reduces your achievement?

    1. Hi, Chuck. Yes, I find a “me time” or “date with myself” is a good thing to do once in a while. Passion is a true source to make your life great.

      Hmm, that is an interesting question. When we focus more on the enjoyment, we tend to forget that we need to have an achievement first to fully enjoy it. As the opposite, when we only focus on achievement, we may forget how we should enjoy ourselves, hence we may lost the meaning of our life.

      I think it is better if we have a balanced planning to do this properly. Thanks for such a great insight :)

  12. Hey Alexander, congrats on your first post! What a cool achievement :)

    Well I have a problem with work/ life balance for sure. I love working, I have a few websites and I am very busy with them. I have 2 young kids, I have a wonderful husband… I work from home so I can be there for my kids when I need to. They go to creche during the day, but if I need to look after them if they are sick I am able to be there without a problem :) I also took the day off on Thursday for my daughter’s birthday so we could party from morning till night, just because I can lol.

    Even so, I find it helluva hard to balance everything. Work and family comes first. Me time? I don’t know what that is anymore, I think it is something that fell out of my world the second I gave birth to my first child :)

    I also have to put time and effort into my recovery (I am a drug addict and an alcoholic with 7 years clean time) so I go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting every week. At times I have sponsees and when I do I put in about 1-2 hours per week per sponsee to help with their recovery process.

    I am hoping that very soon I will be able to work shorter hours and then give myself a bit of a break every day, rediscover that me-time I lost! Just waiting for my new business ventures to kick off a bit and then can slow down.

    1. Hi Lyne :) You’re welcome. Thanks.

      I can connect a bit with your story. Work Life balance is not always an issue for the 9 to 5 worker. It is also an issue for entrepreneurs and self-employer too. It is even harder when you already had a family and children to be taken care.

      I wish you can successfully recover and your business ventures running smoothly :)

  13. hi there!
    Ah the famous work life balance! I ask myself if I have achieved it every single day. I have a very demanding job where I work 40 ++++ hours a week. It never seems to stop. But I do enjoy most of it. I feel useful. There are some days where all I think about is how tired I am. But then I know to take a day off every 2 months or so to take care of myself. And it is exactly what I am doing today! As long as my personal life is free of drama, I can handle my work life, which is full of drama.

    1. Hi Emily :) Yes I know what it feels about “neverending job in a week”. I previously have a job that demand to standby all the time, whether you are in or outside office. That was crazy but thankfully I realize no point to continue working there because it holds no value in career growth and life growth.

      It is a great advice from you! Taking a day off every 2 months is certainly a good way to relax our body. Thank you for visiting :)

  14. Hate 9-5 get up go work eat sleep shower do it all again for another 4 days and let’s face it, it never works out 9-5 as got to be there 15 mins early leave 15 mins late…… So glad I’ve found online work that eventually can sit at home earning

    1. Hi, Steven. Yes, I agree with you a LOT haha. It’s just that I don’t like working at 9 to 5 jobs. I really feel not suited with a job that restrict your working time too. Glad you find online work then :)

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