After listing your considerations and reasons, quitting jobs permanently will make you 'soaring' to the sky high like this bird

Stop Now! With these 5 Reasons, Quitting Jobs should be Priority

Having a tedious corporate job sometimes made me wondered if I should quit my job and build my own business.  But as all of you also know, leaving a 9-to-5 job is not as easy as saying it. For whatever reasons, quitting jobs should come with many considerations. This is even ‘scarier’ when you have a good career path, long working experience, and solid network in your career.

Before talking about leaving your current career path, let’s talk about some considerations before quitting it for good. Oh yes, you didn’t read it wrong. This time, I will talk about quitting your career for doing what you want outside of a corporate work.

What are Some Considerations Before Quitting a Corporate Job?

There are many things that you need to put into consideration. Like I’ve said before, you need to consider whether you are ready to say goodbye for your hard-earned resume in a corporate career. If you don’t mind to end the title “Supervisor”, “Manager”, “General Manager”, “Director”, or other similar cool job title in your resume, then I guess you are good to go.

Leaving a corporate job where you have a steady flow of income every month is also the main consideration you should think about.

Are you ready to lost the fixed income source from your corporate career?

Are you ready to break your fixed monthly salary into nothing?

Leaving your job to start your own business means your main line of sustainable income will disappear. This is something you need to be aware of before you go any further. Thus, it’s always been wise to ensure that you already have another source of income to deal with your monthly expense or at least, having enough saving to help you deal with your basic expenditure.

One of the golden rules before you quit a corporate job permanently is you should have at least 6 months worth of living expense in your reserve. Should everything go wrong and you need to be back applying a corporate career, you still have some money left to survive.

Make a habit to list your consideration about pros and cons

List all your considerations to help yourself before committing to quit

There’s one thing that I’ve always do before I decide to do something, which is making a feasibility study. It’s nothing of complex study before executing a project or starting up business, though the idea is similar. Basically, I will try to uncover the upsides and downside of the opportunity before me, to know if it’s doable for me.

Why Should We Quit our Job to Do What We Want?

The opportunity that I consider recently when thinking about leaving my job is to build my own business. However, many of us here may have a different purpose after quitting his/her job. For example, you may want to travel around the world :)

Some typical reasons for quitting jobs are a feel of working in 'prison' and a feel of emptiness in life

You should be free to be whatever you want to be in your life. Don’t let your job to be your ‘cage’.

I’ve listed below the main reasons why we should quit our corporate job permanently. If you have a keen to most of the reasons, then you are in the right spot to seriously think about quitting your current job.

1. Having A Fulfilment

In the previous article, I already told you that life balance means you can have both accomplishment and enjoyment. Unfortunately, in most case when people do an office job they are having a hard time to enjoy what they do. Why? Because we don’t do what we really passionate about. If we build our own business based on our passion, we are more likely to have a fulfilment.

2. Having A More Stable Emotion

Whether you realize it or not, working under pressure will make you have an unstable emotion and can lead to death in extreme condition. Maybe you don’t think that it’s a big deal, but if it keeps going on, it could disrupt your relationship with family, friends, or any other particular person. Having your own business might also have its own pressure, but not in the way that make you feel you’re in a pathetic situation.

3. Having More Time To Enjoy

When you live a 9 to 5 job, you’re imprisoned inside your cubicle at least 8 hours a day. That’s when you lucky enough for not having some extra working hours to do. Building your own business will allow you to manage your time and do the job at your most convenient time.

4. Be Your Own Boss

I’m not good under command and sometimes it’s just irking to know that the commander doesn’t even know what they’re commanding. I like having the ability to see the big picture of what I’m doing, knowing where I’m heading and creating the strategy to get there and do every step that need to be taken instead of just getting a fracture of what it really is.

5. Having More Control Over Your Life

This is definitely something that I love the most. Have you ever have to put your own matter on hold because your boss asks you to do some extra working hours just before you leave the office or ask to come on the weekend? When you’re committed to your boss, there’s nothing you can do when urgent task comes up out of nowhere. When it happen on your business, you have a chance to choose which you want to prioritize.


Packed with Your Fully Thought Considerations and Reasons, Quitting Jobs is Really Viable

All of the above considerations and reasons give me a lot of motivation and help to answer the question of seriously leaving my job to start my own business. I still have some matters to do so I still need to work with my corporate career, but at least I can start to make some good preparation to permanently quit the job.

After listing your considerations and reasons, quitting jobs permanently will make you 'soaring' to the sky high like this bird

Make a good preparation to become a ‘free bird’, so you can ‘soar’ as high as possible

There is one important thing if you want to quit your job permanently. You seriously need to know where you want to go. Setting a goal is the big part of achieving your dream, and it will help you determine which path you need to take.

If you don’t know what to do in your life, or you need some motivational reading about doing what you really want, kindly read my article about living with a purpose. This will shed you some light to have a better life. Thank you for reading and any food for thought is welcome in the comment section :)

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  1. To be honest, I’m sick to death of my tedious job because the customers are wearing me down, I need space from certain collegues and the frustrations as well as pressures are really getting to be.

    So I’m ready to just walk out and start up my own online business. But like you said, it really is difficult to walk away, especially when there are bills still to pay! PFFFFFFT!!

    Thank You for helping me out here with the things to consider before quitting my job and doing something I love.

    I’ll bare this in mind.


    1. Hi Neil, you’re welcome :) I have experienced quitting a job with only a spare amount of bucks to cover my expenses, and it was an awful experience. Lesson learned though, try to balance your full-time job with your passion first before actually deciding to quit permanently :)

  2. Hey Alexander,

    This is a motivational article. I believe that quitting a corporate job is not for everyone as you said here.

    there are many people who love comfort of a 9 to 5 job and earning their wage every single month.

    I instead prefer to work independently. Earn my own money and work hard to get it.

    But everything is in the mind, huh?

    Nice article!

    1. Hi Kevin, yeah that’s true. 9 to 5 job is usually a comfort zone for most people :) If you are not keen with this typical job or you feel this is not the right thing to do for the rest of your life, I suggest you to take your time and think carefully what you should do next.

      You can check this article I wrote previously about finding what you really want to do :) Thanks for visiting.

  3. I don’t have to worry about quitting my job, because I don’t have one at the moment :). I would love to be able to start for myself and never have to apply for a job again, but I’m worried about the lack of a steady income. So what would you recommend? Should I go looking for a job or should I go for independent entrepreneurship right away?

  4. Hi Alexander, I have quit many jobs in the past – mainly due to the unbearable level of psychological stress they have caused.

    I would love to say things always got better but that is most definitely not the case.

    I have been lucky enough to be able to make some amount of money online but I am quite a way off from the financial freedom I would like.

    Starting an online business from scratch is very difficult and as you correctly state – requires some serious planning.


    1. Hi Dan. I have quit many jobs too in the past. Not all of them give me psychological stress, but mostly because I can’t get myself ‘caged’ in a 9 to 5 jobs :) That is why I shared some of my experiences here about work-life balance tips and also how we can live to the fullest by using our passion or hobby.

      That’s cool :) Earning money online is a dream for most of us, the corporate workers, who want to earn income from home. I have written an article in this website about how we can utilize the internet to earn income with our passion or hobby. You can try to read it by clicking here. Thanks :)

  5. Hello

    Saying I’m quitting my job is easy, doing it ia always difficult.
    Large corporates have real hold of employees given that no one earns nearly enough and the thought of being jobless for even a month without any savings is almost too much to bear.
    We all want to be our own bosses, do what we want professionally but to most of us it remains a distant dream due to financial reasons.

    1. Hi Roamy, I know that feeling. Doing it without proper consideration is really difficult. I often heard my friends babbling about quitting his/her job, but they never take a serious consideration and plan for the next activity after quitting.

      The thought of being jobless is the most dangerous poison when considering quitting jobs. It can be countered by preparing some saving to keep you living. However, I understand that most of the time, the title of ‘jobless’ itself that hinder us from quitting the job.

      If you still planning to quit, I suggest to apply for some job vacancy starting now and quit when you finally find the right job.

  6. I completely agree with you. Honestly, right now I really want to quit my job. I hate waking up early everyday just to go to work. I hate being controlled by my boss and not being able to do what i want to. I want to be my own boss and do what I am happy. By the way, how could I able to do this? I mean I know that it is possible but seems not easy.

    1. Hi John Rico, I am in the same shoe with you. I am not suited with working to somebody else. If the issue is only you don’t like your job, please wait for some time because I am also writing about how to search another job that is more suited to your passion.

      However, as someone who are interested to quit corporate job permanently, I suggest you to start building another income source outside your corporate career. Please read this article about how to make a living with your passion, which will ultimately break you free from the ‘corporate cage’. I wish you success :)

  7. I hate the corporate world and it repels me. It does not offer freedom and everyone is working for someone else. It is pathetic!

    I am glad to read this article. I didn’t know that the golden rule is to at least 6 months worth of living expense in your reserve. That means we will have to estimate the average living expense before we really make the decision to quit the job then?

    I really live the breakdown of the 5 reasons here! I think I should seriously think about quiting my job!

    1. You have me in your side LOL, although I didn’t realize until recently that I also not fond with typical corporate career. I have changed my job several time with different working environment, industry, and even the boss types.

      Something is ‘holed’ in my heart, and finally I come up with the thought that I am not suitable with the typical 9-to-5 jobs. However, I still need some things to do before finally break my chain with the corporate career.

      The golden rule exist mainly if you live with your own money. Some even said that you should prepare for one year-living. If you still have some financial support from your family, this rule may not applied though. Good luck if you have already come up with serious thinking about quitting your permanently :)

  8. This article is really meaningful and interesting that we should do what we want because we are doing something that we love to do then it’s less chances that we quit it. We should make our passion into living that when life become more beautiful. The problem is we often compromise with our situation but we have the power to overcome our situation.

    1. Hi Adeel, yes you are right. We should make our passion into the true way of living. However, I do understand that most of us need careful considerations before taking the decision to leave the current job. That’s why I also give some considerations before checking the reasons. As long as we give some efforts to find and live with the passion, we will eventually overcome the situation :)

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