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Top 5 Good Reasons To Start Your Own Business NOW While Working Full-Time

You are working 8 hours a day or equivalent to 40 hours a week. And yes, this includes me too at the time I write this post. For once, have you ever thought some good reasons to start your own business as a full time employee?

Did you know why that the majority of employees said “I QUIT” or “I WILL START MY BUSINESS” quietly inside their mind? I believe the cause is as simple as quitting the job out as an entrepreneur is risky and frightening while staying with a current job is safe and sound.

Why It MIGHT Not Be A Good Idea To Jumpstart Your Own Business

Building a Restaurant Business


Earlier this week, I heard a story of someone who quit his job soon after he went into an “entrepreneur seminar”. Without hesitation, he quit his job within one week (sadly, without any preparation) and starts his own restaurant just because he love to eat using his hard savings.

His restaurant is running well at the first and the second month of operation. At the third month, the test has begun. He was losing his customers. Within the next 6 months, he is out of business. This is the end of the story that nobody wants to be experienced.

If the above story frightens or holds you, let’s consider the idea of starting your business while working full-time or employed. This approach might not work for everyone, but it also has some key appeals.

Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business While Working Full-Time

Do Your business while working full time


So, here are the reasons to better start your own business as a full time employee you can expect, step by step.

1. Networking benefits

First, thinking about networking. You shall start your business while building your network. A good networking might start from your co-workers at your workplace.

Smaller business really needs good networking to boost, since networking will help to draw new, more trusted partners closer to your business and obviously potential customers.

While working, you have a better chance to meet other professional or experienced businessman who might help you kick-in further to explore new ideas.

However, do not forget that the essence of networking is not about whom you know, but who knows you.

2. Mouth-to-mouth campaign

Mouth-to-mouth campaign is the easiest, yet still effective marketing campaign. Assuming that your business is delivering good reviews, your co-workers or colleagues will happily help you to spread the buzzwords to their relatives!

You might increase the brand awareness when your co-workers help you go viral through their social media.

3. A sandbox to learn the strategy

Some ideas work, but the others didn’t. What you learn and experience in nurture your small business will really teach you to execute a better plan and strategy.

While working full-time, you always have the option to review and start over your strategy. Start over the capital management. Finding a better idea or execute a different approach for your business. No need to worry much since your financial still backed by your monthly income.

Think your small business as you play at the sandboxes. Do everything you want to do. Explore it. You might lose few battles, but once you learn, you will win a war.

4. Additional income and more savings

Well, who doesn’t want to earn any additional income?I believe I do not need to explain much on the additional income as the reason since this is the most intrigued way as an entrepreneur.

My suggestions are: do not leave your job until the money you earn from your business is equal or more than your monthly salary. Keep the security at the front door; do not pursue a sloppy decision. Learn the other reasons to stop working permanently and start your business.

The additional income you earn at the earlier might not in the balance you receive monthly from your job. Slowly it will grow. Use the additional income to savings or learn how to manage your business capital.

5. A way to Entrepreneurship

At the end of the day, your business will grow with the support ofgood networking channels, brand awareness, appropriate strategy, and well manage capital. When your small business is no longer “small” and need more attention, that’s your ticket to jump in and establish your own capital empire.

The ugly truth is: people can find a lot of reasons to not start anything. However they only need ONE reason to start everything.

Are You Brave Enough To Start Building Your Own Business?

Understand some good reasons to start your own business


For some people who afraid to lose their monthly income or who cannot stand to reach an agreement with their mumbo-jumbo attitudes to quit their job and start their own business, the above reasons may appeal to you. If you are devoted with your workplace, don’t even dare to think to start your business because it was not easy to focus on two different things at once.

I simply summarize why it is better for you to start business as full time employee. Also, when you start your business while you are working full time, you can learn, lead, experiment, prepare, and savings with less fear to fail your financial security until your business is ready for its prime time.

Aside from the above, the other crucial skill you need is how to balancing your work and business. It will help you to maintain both your business and your career. Start slowly, and you are good to go.

If you already know and understand the good reasons to start your own business as a full time employee, you should start it RIGHT NOW. There are multiple ways to build a side business while working full time. You can read my story here to find a way to do it :)

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  1. I think it is wise to start while still having the security of fulltime employment. That really takes the pressure off and will also prevent you from making mistakes out of desperation for needing money quickly. I’ve been in that exact spot, so I know what that’s like.

    The networking benefits, like you say, are a huge plus as well as the mouth to mouth recommendations.

  2. I think your page offers very good advice. Many people just randomly quit their job because they are sold on the idea of owning a business with no plan or system in place to make it work. Also they don’t really seem to have a fall back plan either. Did you ever hear what that guy is up to now after losing his restaurant?

    1. Hi Brittny, yes that’s true. Sometimes we need to be a little conservative before making a decision to go all-out. Well, that guy come back to work in 9 to 5, but he has learnt his lesson and start building a good foundation to fully prepare his restaurant business to launch again when he ready. :)

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