What is Living with Purpose for A Better Life?

Balancing your career and your life is never an easy task to begin with. This is even harder when you don’t actually like whatever you doing to get some money for living. For me, I am not a fan of corporate career or working to somebody else as ‘slave’. I am working a 9-to-5 job simply because I don’t know what else to do to earn money for everyday life.

What is living with purpose in my life?

To put it simply, and honestly, I live without a real purpose in my life. My sole ‘purpose’ is survival, which is to get some money for buying food and sometimes a bit of entertainment. This is what makes me, and most of the people, find it hard to balance the career and life. When you don’t know your purpose for living; or in this case, a passion; we tend to follow the flow of this boring lifestyle without any effort to change it.

Have you ever thought: What is living with purpose?

Have you ever thought, what will be your life without a purpose?

Everyone has a hidden wish about living free with your passion. When you make a living with your passion, you will be glad to work with it. You will not be affected by ‘Monday Blues’ (the lazy feeling that attacks most of the corporate workers every Monday). Ultimately, you can make a profitable business with your passion and let go your salaryman status or break free from 9-to-5 jobs.

There are a lot of people who find out their passion and successfully turn it into a profitable business.

I’m sure you have heard people like Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Pat Flynn, Tony Robbins, Walt Disney, and many other successful people. They are successful because they know what to do in their life. They live with a purpose, which is related heavily to their passion. So, the key is: make a living with your passion, or something that you have a great interest about.

Let’s try to give some thought about your purpose in the life by continue reading. I hope you will find your answer at the end of this article.

How to Turn Your Passion into Source of Money

Unlike years ago, when the internet is like a newborn baby, today is the era of digital. Many people who start to make a living with their hobbies or passion use the internet as the main tool to do it. They can promote their business via social media like Facebook or Twitter.

However, to generate the continuous income source, one tool that all of them must have is a website.

Today, building a fully functional website can be done with a few clicks and more importantly, FREE. One that I use regularly is the Siterubix platform here:

However, it is not ending there. You need to know how to utilize your website to turn it into a profitable business. Which in turn, make your passion into your primary source of income. This is applied to whether you already have a business or not.

Where can I Learn to Utilize My Website into a Profit-Generating Machine?

A simple way to answer it is in Google. However, you will soon realize that the information is too scattered. Chances are you will find yourself either confused or scammed when searching.

Imagine yourself as a new employee in a big company. On the first day, you are required to work using a software program that you hardly heard about. If you are told to ‘google it’ to learn how to operate it, will you really think that you can master it in a proper way? No, is the answer.

Of course, the best way to learn using the software program is through training from the company, where you can also ask directly to the trainer if you don’t understand something. You are allowed to ask again in the future should you find a problem. You can even ask and build a connection with other trainees and share knowledge to better sharpen your skill.

See? If you don’t understand the analogy, then let me fill the gap in your understanding with this statement:

“You need training with proper courses, helpful trainers, and active network (trainees) to master the utilization of your website and finally turn it into your source of income for the rest of your life.”

Of course, finding the most appropriate training is not easy. I have been through this and it is such a shame that some people make use for anyone like me and you to fill their greedy pocket. You may find that most of the so-called training or ‘money-making’ programs out there have either:

  • A fake owner / founder of the program. It is hard to get in touch with him or her personally.
  • A bad customer supports. You send an email today and you either receive the reply a week later or worse, when the ‘Anywhere Door’ finally has been invented.
  • An obligation to pay if you want to taste whether the training or program is really suited for you or not. Hence, no Free Trial. You don’t want to buy a cat in a closed box, right?
  • A shady explanation about how they can help you with the training. They are not transparent with their methods and training.
  • A lot of upsells to drain your money while throwing you some useless training program or software programs to download (even possibly with the bonus of malware).

Well, you will waste your time if you want to try and search all the possible training, online university, and programs out there. Lucky for you, I’ve finally found and try myself an online university to learn everything you need here. It is called Wealthy Affiliate, where you can finally learn everything from scratch how to turn your passion into a serious income source for the rest of your life.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

The Wealthy Affiliate Review no 1

Wealthy Affiliate University, or simply abbreviated as WA, is what you called an online university to mainly learn about building your business using online platform. Being an online university means you don’t need to physically attend here. WA is founded and owned by Kyle and Carson since 2005. Both are successful internet entrepreneurs and they have been helping a lot of people to realize their dream through WA.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped people over 10 years

WA has been helping people more than 10 years since 2005

A lot of Wealthy Affiliate training have been updated regularly

A lot of training updates means they are always up-to-date to help us with the best approach to building a successful online business

Kyle Wealthy Affiliate founder

Meet Kyle, the co-founder of WA

Carson Wealthy Affiliate founder

Meet Carson, the co-founder of WA

You will find it a perfect place to learn if you are a salaryman / 9-to-5 office worker and:

  • You need an additional income source to support your monthly salary; or
  • You hate your job, your boss, or your working environment and you just want to be your own boss; or
  • You still like your current job, but you want to start a small business related to your hobbies without investing too much time and money; or
  • You want to start a business while maintaining your current job until your income from the business exceeds your monthly salary; or
  • You are soon to be either laid off or retired from your corporate job and looking for another way to earn some money; or
  • You know that you need additional income source to support you when you are (or will) vacuum from corporate career, like resigning from your current job and either waiting or looking for another 9-to-5 jobs; or
  • You are just not suited in a typical 9-to-5 jobs and want to gain a total freedom of your working time.

I know this is a good place to a 9-to-5 office worker like I mentioned above because I am also a 9-to-5 office worker. I know exactly how people in the same condition like me feel, so I take some time to list the condition for corporate workers above as specific as possible. :)

The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial no 2

Additionally, WA is also a great starting point if you fall within one of this type of person:

  • A stay-at-home mom or dad who want to earn their own money.
  • A single mom or dad looking for additional income source to support the family.
  • A retired folk that is looking for spending valuable time by earning additional money.
  • A business owner (local or not) that want to increase their brand awareness through an online presence.
  • A blogger who is looking for a way to monetize their blog.
  • A travel addict who want to earn income while traveling around the world.
  • A student who is looking for additional income for daily life or pay off the tuition fee.
  • A hobby enthusiast (gamer, movie watcher, music addict, book reader, pet lover, gardener, etc) who is looking for a way to monetize their hobby.
  • Anyone who doesn’t fall in above category but have a wish to control your own life by living with your passion.

A Wealthy Affiliate Review no 3

If you don’t know what is your passion or hobby that you can turn into a business, kindly continue to read. You will get your answer soon :)

Why is Wealthy Affiliate a Good Place to Start Learning about Living with Your Passion?

First, you can find out by reading more several testimonials like below:

The Wealthy Affiliate Review no 4

A Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial no 5

The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial no 6

I’m sure the testimonials are more than enough to explain why you can put your trust into WA for learning :) However, I would like to give you some points that I like and I don’t like about this place.

The Pros

Here are some points that make me (and you too will) love WA:

  • You can join for FREE as a Starter Member. This privilege is served as a free-trial chance. You don’t want to pay for something that you are not sure whether this can really work for you or not, right?
  • You don’t need to give away personal information like credit card number. An email account is more than enough to join here.
  • The training is designed as task-based courses. You will be eager to finish every task and check DONE to move forward and learn step-by-step.
  • The community here is GREAT. You can interact with them and they are really helpful, whether you are a newbie or not.
  • There are a lot of different people with different backgrounds within the community. You can build a network with them to gain more insight about different backgrounds and industry they are working.
  • There is a LIVE CHAT feature. This makes you easier to get help when you got stuck, or just want to interact with other members.
  • No time-based training. You can learn and work at your own pace.
  • There is a weekly Webinar (Web seminar) that provides you with useful information.
  • You have an access to free keyword research tool. This is important in content building for your website.
  • You are granted free hosting here, and you are given 2 free websites as Starter Member and unlimited websites as Premium Member.
  • You have no obligation to upgrade your membership to Premium Member and can stay free forever if you like. See the comparison between Starter and Premium Member after this section.

The Cons

Everything always has a downside, right? Below are what me (and some of you will) not really like in WA:

  • At first, you may get confused because there are so many things to learn. Fortunately, the training is designed as task-based courses. This means you should follow the trainings step-by-step to avoid confusion. See the FAQ list below.
  • The website platform has a simple design. Some other training website has more cool or elegant theme. This is actually more of personal taste. I like a simple design because I concern more of the value they provide to me rather than the looks they give to my eyes.
  • This is not a get-rich-quick program. Some people want instant money, but this is not a place like that. Since this is about making a real business, you can’t expect to earn money just in a few days after joining. You need the determination to keep learning and working, and you will eventually reach that ‘golden’ days.

As mentioned in the Pros, there are ONLY two types of member here: Starter and Premium. You will find that some of the online training out there applies multi-layered member system, which is not good because you need to be the highest layer member to receive all the benefit.

A two-type membership in WA gives you a fair service: If I am a free user, I may not receive all the benefit. If I am a paid user, I should receive ALL the benefit of the service, right? This is what I like compared to most other online training with multi-type membership.

This is a comparison between Starter and Premium Member:

Wealthy Affiliate membership comparison

You don’t need to become Premium Member and you won’t be forced either. As a Starter Member, you will have a good basic knowledge about utilizing your website for business purpose. You don’t need to upgrade your membership right away and just can come back later if you decide to want to receive all the premium benefits. Else, you can also never come back and stay free forever if you feel you can succeed with the basic skills. It’s up to you.

Before I forget, there is a 7 days promotion after you joining WA as a Starter Member. You will be eligible to pay US$ 19 for the first month only to upgrade your membership as a Premium Member.  This means, you save US$ 28 on the first month and you get a taste of all the benefit as a Premium Member to decide whether you want to continue as Premium or not.

Sounds like a good offer, right? However, the decision to upgrade or stay as free member is full in your control :)

When should I Start Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

I will suggest you to join it as soon as possible since you are free to join as a Starter Member and don’t give any information to them (other than Email Address). You should see for yourself whether this is a good place to learn or not.

A Wealthy Affiliate Review no 7

If you are still confused, this is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the newbies joining Wealthy Affiliate and the answers:


01. Is this a type of legitimate internet work home jobs finder website?

Yes and no. Yes in term of the legitimateness, but no in the term of jobs finder. You didn’t need to search a job here because WA is not a job finder website. Instead, you create your own job. Your own business, to be exact.

WA is designed specifically to turn your hobby or passion into a business. Follow the training here and ask questions to the community when you stuck on something you don’t understand.


02. Where do I start after signing up an account here?

After you create an account, click on the ‘Get Started Here’ button (the green button on your left side). Just follow the instructions there and you are good to go. See the screenshot below:

Click Here for Wealthy Affiliate getting started

03. What kind of trainings do they teach to utilize my websites for business?

The training is designed specifically so you know how to:

  1. Build a good website.
  2. Create unique and helpful content.
  3. Enhance your website existence in the search engine (SEO – Search Engine Optimization).
  4. Promote your business online.
  5. Ultimately, convert your visitors into customers. This means money.

All of the training here are suited for you who:

  1. Do not have your own product / service, but you already know your passion / interest.
  2. Have your own product / service, but you want to increase awareness or reach more customers to increase your profit.

You don’t need any knowledge about tech things, coding, or even good business practice here to follow the training. In fact, most of the people joining WA are newbies in the business world. Myself included. The training are created so newbies like us can follow it easily. You can get help from the community if you stuck on something.

Also, in case you want to practice or you just don’t know what type of business you want to begin, you can start with the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ section (see the black button in the left side). WA will give you a topic about internet marketing and you will be taught to build the business step-by-step. At the same time, you can still learn about maximizing your website for business purpose.

Click here for Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp


04. Are the owners or senior members helpful to the new members? I am a newbie and I am afraid they will look down on me because of it.

This is one of the most interesting points in Wealthy Affiliate. See the screenshot below:

Wealthy affiliate owner is very helpful

Kyle, the owner himself, replied to me directly, and you should be able to identify it as not an automated response from him. This is indeed a rare trait of an online university, where the owner himself took his time to reply our concern, even for a newbie.

All of the senior members, as well as most members here, is very helpful. This is certainly a big plus point for any newbie in starting a business. See the next question about getting help if you stuck on something.


05. How do I get help here?

First, make sure you have completed your profile with these two simple steps:

  1. Choose a profile picture (There are some pre-given images you can choose from, in case you don’t want to upload your pictures now)
  2. Fill in a brief description of your profile.

This is done in a few minutes and will make you a more ‘human’ rather than a spam profile. People will be more helpful when you are recognized as ‘human’.

There are several ways to get some help if you find a problem or have something you don’t understand:

  1. Ask a question in the question bar (create question)
  2. Use the live chat feature
  3. If the question is related to the specific course, training, or blog, you can leave a comment there and ask about your confusion. Usually, some members will reply to your question in a few minutes.
  4. Send a Private Message to Kyle or Carson, or some other knowledgeable members


06. Can I really make money with this? I didn’t see any button to download a software program to earn some cash automatically.

You earn money with your business you’ve created with the guidance and training here, not with some typical flashy software that give you xx dollars per day when installed in your gadgets (it is certainly a scam if you find this on the internet, you need a real effort to earn legitimate income).

Just like a typical offline business, everyone has a different starting point to earn the first buck. We are talking about real business here. A successful business can be created when the owner is passionate about it, have faith in the business, and determination to move forward regardless of the mistakes and failures in the process.

If you don’t know what is your passion (or, a hobby at least) to turn into a business, see the next FAQ.


07. I don’t know my passion yet. Even I don’t really know any of my interest which fit to turn into a business. I just live with my current 9-to-5 job, but I am not satisfied with this lifestyle. I don’t really know what I want in the future. How can joining WA help me to break this hopeless feel?

First, if you don’t know what is your passion or hobby that you want to turn into a business, you can take some time to read these two blogs: A short, easy way to find your passion and a long, but still easy way to search your true passion.

Second, you can ask the community for a guide from them about finding your passion. They are really helpful. See the previous FAQ about ‘getting help’ for further information.

You may need some time to think about finding your passion. In the meantime, you can practice starting building a sustainable business with a given topic about internet marketing in the Affiliate Bootcamp section. See the previous FAQ about ‘what kind of training that WA teach you’.

When you finally find out about your passion, you can start directly with the knowledge you’ve obtained. Build a new website (if it is irrelevant with the internet marketing topic) and apply the knowledge. Don’t forget to continue learning and good luck with your business.

Now Back to the Original Question: What is Living with Purpose?

By now, have you realized what the meaning of ‘living with purpose’ is? To put it simply, it is about finding what you really want to do in your life and reach the goal in your life. This is done with finding your passion, and living from it.

I’m sure you have heard about successful people that are living with their passion. No matter how limited their power and condition, no matter how hard their journey, they can enjoy it and earn a truly great satisfaction with every second they spend in their life.

When you found the answer, you can live with purpose for a better life

Finding your passion will make you have more preparation toward a brighter life

Before I joined WA, honestly I don’t really know what my passion is and how I can live with it. I live and grow in a society where ‘working to other people’ is greatly appreciated. You are praised when you achieve a higher position in a company. You will always be compared to other people in the term of ‘job title’, ‘managerial level’, ‘monthly salary’ and ‘how prestigious your company is’.

I agree that there are some benefits when we are working for other people (the 9-to-5 jobs), which include the fixed monthly salary and lower risk to become ‘moneyless’. However, there are many people who don’t find it enough to feel truly alive with this lifestyle. Some people start a side-job or small business as a complementary income source while most others choose to fully stick with their 9-to-5 jobs because they don’t know what to do to get out, including my past self.

But now, my life has truly changed thanks to WA.

I finally found out the answer of ‘what is my passion’, ‘what is living with purpose on my life’, and ‘how I can live with it’. This whole article is done specifically to share my knowledge to help you find the meaning of your life and how you can truly live with it because I have experienced it myself.

The Wealthy Affiliate complaints are only about how they make the life of their user changed in a better way. Well, those are complaints from other training program.

Well, it really is :) Try clicking it

It is never too late if you have a wish to break free from your boring lifestyle. Let’s find out your passion and start to live with a purpose. You can join as starter member first because it is free and you can see yourself about what WA is. Stop searching for get-rich-quick programs out there before you fall deeper into scam and misery. Success can’t come overnight.

You can leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you if you have a question. Thank you for reading.


  1. Unfortunately mere survival seems to be the main purpose of so many peoples’ lives; especially in the modern, hectic world where money is needed for absolutely everything.

    I can totally relate to wanting to live free with your passion. It’s always been my goal. I haven’t fully achieved that yet, but I’m always looking for a way. I think I’ll check out your recommendation here.

    1. Thanks Darren. We only live once, so it’s better to live it as what we really want. That’s what I believe until this day :) 

  2. I realize that without having a purpose, our lives become pretty empty.

    I realize that a lot of people are afraid to pursue their purpose via a business because there is risk involved and they don’t want to leave their job and income. Can this online business be done on the side?


    1. Hi Jessie. Yes you can. Try to save a little time after work or your main activity to learn about this. It’s slow but steady :)

  3. Having a purpose can drive an individual to achieve great things, contrary to working a 9-5 job which they don’t care about, or even hate.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start cultivating your purpose, and the greatest thing about it is that you could possibly achieve so much more than you could have ever imagined.


  4. I realized at age 22 that having freedom is where life is at and before 23 I realized what my purpose in life is.

    I feel like being self aware of the other side gives me such an adrenaline rush and that everything starts to move fast and at an exciting pace.

    Do you think most people who are building their dream business on the side while working a traditional job find a lot more excitement to Monday’s than people who only have a job?


    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for sharing your thought. There are many factors to considerate when a person love or hate Monday. I personally don’t really care about Monday eventhough I have both a job and building my business, but I know some people who love when Monday comes because it means more revenue than weekend :)

  5. Hi there, I like it when you say that one should make their passion be the purpose of life, and out of those passion, generating money through online platform. Really beautiful idea.

    However, getting back to idea of purpose of life, I think there are more to it other than having more money, yeah, it surely does make life better but, as for me, our life is about what we give to other people, ad I want to give more, hence, I think I should start following your advice above.


  6. First of all, I want to mention that I really like your minimalistic website. I can agree with most of what you wrote in the article.

    Sadly, the majority of people are living and working just to survive. It’s really hard to get answers and to get out of that rut, although, I believe it is possible.

    Really great article and review. I wish you all the best.

    1. Hi Jolita, thanks for youc compliment :) I also believe everything is possible as long as you have the willpower to achieve it.

  7. Hello Alexander,

    An online business gives someone such a freedom compared to daily job. I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year and I am so grateful for all the things I’ve learned.

    I’ve build 2 online businesses which are making me a pretty nice income each and every month.

    More than everything, I am grateful for the fact that I can work from home and I don’t have to go to a boring job.

    Starting an online business can be challenging, but when someone has high quality training, great tools and an awesome support, everything will become much easier.


    1. Hi Christina, glad to see another WA member fellow here :) Wow thank you for sharing your experience there. Online business is one of the many solutions that we can try to live our passionate life, so it definitely worth it :)

  8. This was such an awesome read. I have recently made some massive changes in my life and so many people asked me if I am crazy… and I said no, actually I am more sane than I have ever been.
    I closed my online store so I could just blog. I then told my kids school that they will no longer be coming to aftercare any more, I am picking them up at 12 as soon as play school is over (they are 2 years old and 4 years old).
    And what a change this has made to my life. Ok so I am now trying to build up my income again since changing my career path so often things are just way too close for comfort financially. BUT I am happy and my kids are happy.
    While they are at school in the morning I work and I love my work. Then I pick them up and we have a nice afternoon at home together.
    I like the question that your article brought up.. what is your purpose?
    I found mine. I am a mom and I want to be with my kids, and of course on the side I need some money. So this is exactly what I am doing.

    Keep sharing things like this, so maybe others can find their purpose and their happiness.

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks for sharing your experience :) Yeah, the fundamental reason for we are able to live happily is to find a purpose.. So that we can struggle and work toward that purpose. Some people are not satisfied with what they are doing currently, and online business is a good alternative to be your continuous doing :) Many people find their true happiness with online business, and I’m glad you are one of them. THanks

  9. Hi there Alexander,

    The definition of a better life for me means having more time to do what I really like instead of building other people’s dream or stuck in a 9-5 job.

    This quest has lead me to the Wealthy Affiliate training and I can’t tell you how much the knowledge has opened up my mind to all the opportunities there are on the internet from making money online to pursuing a passion.

    I get very excited whenever I work on my website knowing that someday, this ‘baby’ will reward me with enormous time (and financial) freedom.

    1. Hi Cathy, glad to meet other member from Wealthy Affiliate too. Yeah, I don’t like the idea of being stuck in the 9-to-5 job too, although I also realized that some people may have more talents in corporate career too.

      I guess we should follow whatever our passion is. Whether you want to have a good corporate career or seeking a business path with online business, I’m sure you can be a successful person as long as you really passionate about it :

  10. This information came at a great time! Just last night I was speaking with a friend who was telling me how much they have to work because they own their own business. Their job is running their life and not the other way around. I love what you said about doing what you love and living with a purpose. I definitely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing opportunity to make this happen!

    1. Hi Misty, thanks very much :) Yes, I keep saying to my friends too. We can’t love what we do if we don’t do what we love first. We need to be passionate about our business, especially if it is the first business.

  11. Wealthy affiliate is definitely a good place to be at if you are interested in online business and like to show the world what you are about. I heard there are a lot of scams out there and I’m fortunate that I haven’t fell into any of them but discovered wealthy affiliate to get started with my business

    1. Hi Joon, yeah I have met scam websites and training before, but luckily this one is not. Good luck with your business then :)

  12. This is a really excellent picture of Wealthy Affiliate and the owners philosophy of their business. What you have written is an excellent mission statement for Wealthy affiliate. I was once told if you love what you do you never work a day in your life and it is so true. A lot of people are unhappy in their jobs but feel stuck and just continue from day to day when a simple step could lead them to something so much better. Do you think our dreams can come true if we work at it?

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you for leaving a comment :) Yes, I believe that our dreams can come true as long as we never give up on our dreams. There is always a way for everything. We struggle to become what we want to be, and that struggle is what make our life valuable.

  13. Hi there, I couldn’t agree with you more about turning your passion into a business. Actually a couple of times I tried to work on things I didn’t have an interest in and it really didn’t work – EVEN IF you have a passion, it can still be hard working at it day after day, but if you have a genuine interest and passion in something – it sure helps..

    1. Hi Netp, yes you are right. Passion is one key to achieve success, but you also need willingness to do it. Many people, which in my case the 9-to-5 employees, don’t really know how to realize their passion and turn it into profitable business. This is what led me to share this story, and I hope many people will be helped :)

  14. The first thing I noticed was a beautiful front/home page and I really thankful for this article.

    I was also struggling to build my own business and just come here to find an inspiration. I agree that we should have passion and great interest on our business.

    I never expect to build an online business, but I’ll decide to check it myself. Thank you for giving this recommendation.



    1. Hello, yes it indeed need a passion to build your own business. We will need to overcome many situation that will make us want to drop tears or even frustrate us.

      It doesn’t really need to be online business, but you can support your brick and mortar business with online presence too. This is what will make Wealthy Affiliate a good place for you to learn, even if you already have your own business.

      Thanks for visiting :)

  15. The great thing about turning a passion into a website is that you are then really motivated to see it through and make it a success. Working on the website then becomes fun, a source of joy and excitement. This is definitely the case with my new electronic music website. I get so enthusiastic about writing about that topic, it really keeps me interested in the website. Even when I am writing product reviews, I am genuinely interested in the product I am researching so it makes it all so much easier.

    1. Hi Marcus, that is true. Working on the business should be motivating to help us closer to the success. No matter how hard it is to do, we will be able to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your experience here :)

  16. What a great website, love it! Thank you for choosing me as one of many who made testimony about Wealthy Affiliate, I can’t thank WA enough how grateful I am, few months ago, I don’t have idea how online business venture is all about, now I made my own website and handle it like a pro;-) CHEERS!

    1. Hi Pinky, glad to see you come here :) WA is really a good place to learn and the community is helpful too, like you. Thank you for sharing additional testimony here.

  17. I must say that this is a great idea. I loved how you talk about how we are all struggling to figure out our passion so instead of trying to find it we go in for the mundane passionless existence of a 9-5 job that we hate. There are so many people out there that are thinking this way and it is really sad. I learned that only 1% of the population will actually try to have their own business and that 96% will just go to work in the corporate world never realizing that they can also be here building their own business and their own future. (The last 3% of that equation are the people born wealthy or just got lucky with wealth and success but never really tried).

    1. Hi Jessica, I agree with you. Most of people struggling to find what their passion, but still they don’t know how to realize their passion. It is also sad that when I heard that building an own business is a local trend now but many are giving up and back to their 9-to-5 job.

      I’m not despising 9-to-5 job (even I actually can’t stand this kind of work), but it is a pity that people are giving up too quick just because they need more effort to realize their dream. Realizing passion will never be an easy way, and most people just choose what they think is easy without giving too much effort.

      I believe this is what makes the 96% number in your comment. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. That is a lot of top notched information summarised in a page.

    Being a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I can only say that all of the above are legit.

    The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that you get to meet people you don’t usually come into contact with & often they are willing to help when you’re hit by a progress wall.

    Having been in WA for 2 months, I am certainly enjoying myself in here & have signed up for the yearly membership.

    Hope to see you around in WA.


    Thanks again for all the great information!

    1. Hello Lee,

      Thanks for adding another testimonial from a fellow WA member :) Good luck with your business and glad to hear that you enjoyed being there.

  19. Great write up!

    I think that most people just assume that ventures like this won’t work out (no thanks to scammers), and so resign themselves to a life of misery, while envying those who succeed as entrepreneurs doing what they love.

    I think that if you are doing what you love, it’s not work, it’s your passion, and WA is the perfect place to do just that. I know it because I have seen some good reviews about it and decided to give it a try for the free trial.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring information.

    1. Hi Ian. Thanks :) Most of corporate workers like us need some ways to earn additional income or even break free from the 9 to 5 jobs. It’s a good thing that I found a way out through WA. At least the training is useful and the community is very helpful.

      I’m glad that I can start building my own business using my passion there :) And yes, the trial is what made me decided to give it a chance.

  20. I love that you address what I believe is one of the very best features of WA… Blogging!

    Bloggers will find themselves a new home at WA that offers support and COMMUNITY. There is something for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not. The training starts at the beginning so even those new to computers can learn a new skill! Thank you for such a thorough explanation of what WA offers:)

    I will give it a try!

    1. Hi Nicki. Yes, this is also a good place to learn if you are a blogger :) You can learn what is the type of blog you should make to fulfill your passion, how to create it into a good and helpful blog for other people, and also how to make a living with them.

      Good luck and just ask me if you stuck on something :)

  21. Holy Crap there’s a ton of great information on this page!

    Thank you for laying out all the benefits of creating a website and how I should go about learning how to turn my website into a profitable business.

    I’ve bought and used 3-4 affiliate marketing products and they all seem to be outdated and it’s one time training. It’s crazy to think that WA has hard over 140 updates over the last year!

    I also really like that there’s a community to help out, and can’t believe you can actually talk to the owners of the community.

    I’m going to give this site a try, hopefully it will be the answer to my problems!

    Thanks again for all the great information!

    1. Holy Crap those were so many affiliate products you’ve tried there!

      Yes, I’ve check several reviews too about WA before joining and decided to give it a chance because it is free to join. I’m glad to make that decision because I now know what must I do to live with my passion now.

      Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask me if you stuck on something :)

  22. I have been researching how to make money online for the past month and have become very confused. I just don’t know who or what to trust.

    I have actually read several reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and so far they are all quite good. The reviews I read on some of the other programs weren’t so good.

    I have a question about the free membership with Wealthy Affiliate. On your chart it, there are no check marks beside “free security package” and “website backup”. Does this mean I need to pay for these things separately if I am only a free member?


    1. Hello Simone,

      I’ve been there too. I don’t know if making money online as the way to living with your passion can be realized until I found the answer within WA. I’m glad that the training there is easy to follow and the community is very helpful too.

      Yes, there is a difference between free member and premium member. You got a better technical support as a premium member on your website. It is not a separate feature that you can afford with certain additional cost. It is already a part of the benefit for premium member, and no other membership type beside being premium.

      It is your choice to upgrade as premium or not, since the main reason people going to premium is because they realize that all the training, community, and support here is indeed can help them to achieve what they want: living with their passion :)

      Good luck.

  23. This is the best promotion of WA I’ve seen to date, it seems to cover every base of it and I am really eager now to join here. I have heard numerous review about WA, but I think I can give a try. I have an online business and will see if this indeed working or not for me with the free account. Thanks.

    1. Hi Raphael, sure. You can give it a try with free account. Please follow the training step by step if you new in online business, so you will avoid getting confused. Good luck there.

  24. Hi Alexander,

    Nicely put! The topic you are writing about is what the most of us need to understand as early as possible in our lives. I don’t know why, but from the day we’re born we are being taught that life is a terrible thing where we have to be a slave to survive. Not literally, of course, but working 9/5 is slavery in 99.9% of the cases. And that’s what we are being prepared for while going from kindergarten to university – that we’re doing this to get a nice and prestigious job (read: become a corporate slave).

    Again, I believe it is very important to tell about these things as clearly as possible, so it’s really great you are doing this!

    1. Hi Dmitry, thanks for realizing it. That is exactly what happened in the society where I was born and raised. Up until graduating from my college, we all have been taught to be ‘slave’ for survival. I do understand that there are some benefits for working with big, established company. I am still a corporate worker for now, however I realize that I don’t want to continue myself being ‘slaved’ and I decide to share this experience to other people.

      I hope we can all live with what makes us truly ‘alive’, which is by following our passion :) Thanks for sharing your opinion too.

  25. Yeeeeessss I needed this is. my life because the job that I’m working at is absolutly terrible and I absolutely hate it. With that been said I think my passion is honestly fashion blogging and help ingredients people with there everyday beauty needs. I just don’t know how to start thought and the investment seems to be very high.

    This seems to be a good place start because I like a free trial. Thanksss

    1. Surreee Marquan. I realized that I need to live with my passion to put and end for this suffering :) Haha. Many people may realize their interest or passion but don’t really know how to even start it. So, I share my experience and hopefully you will like it too :) Thanks.

  26. I agree with everything your saying. I work a regular 9 to 5 job too. While it does provide me with some type of income I am appreciative of that. But when you look at the big picture sometimes you really you are just someone elses slave. Sad but true.

    It’s not nearly bad as regular slavery but same concept. We are working for someone else’s company in which the get big money but are money is miniscule when you compare to theirs. But I am not going to complain too much because I know what I need to do to fix. If I didn’t have a plan I would be a bit more depressed.

    I will be sure to check the Wealthy Affiliate you mentioned above. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brandon. I agree with the point of being a ‘slave’ when working to someone else’s company. However, I know that we may not quitting it from the very beginning because of many different reasons.

      Like you said, it is important to know how to ‘fix’ it. If we didn’t know what we should do in the future, we will be more vulnerable to stress. I wish you good luck with your plan then :)

  27. Hi Alexander,
    This is a great read, because you have taking the time to make this personal when explaining the ins and outs of everything. It is true if you have no passion there will be no yellow brick road. Best of all you are introducing the greatest community out there; I say this because there has never been a better community of people than in this community. There is always someone there to help you along your journey in a very positive way:)
    Yours Truly,

    1. Hi Carlton. Thank you. It is funny to meet several members of WA community here :) The community is one of the big advantage in here, because they are very helpful and I can really learn a lot from them, beside the training provided at WA.

      Yes, finding passion is the key to create the ‘yellow brick road’. But above all, we need to have a desire to become success first. I know that some of my friend lack of this desire and choose to stick with the daily, boring job that they actually didn’t enjoy it. Thank you for taking some time reading the article :)

  28. First, I love, love, the name of your website. It is awesome and catchy!

    Second, I agree with you 100% that you need to have a purpose in life…..if you can turn a passion that you have into a purpose, that is truly the sweet spot.

    I am very, very familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and I agree with you 100% on everything you have said about the program/website and community.

    I have been a member right at a year now and it is what has taken my business to the next level. I initially started with the free membership, but quickly saw the value, for myself, of becoming a premium member.

    If there is anyone out there considering giving Wealthy Affiliate a try, then I encourage you to just do it…..besides you can just try it out with a FREE starter membership, you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE! :-)

    1. Hi Jason, lol thanks for the compliment on the website name :) Since finding my purpose in life, I am able to feel truly ‘alive’. I now know that I am not suited for typical 9-to-5 jobs and working hard to break free from this ‘cage’.

      And, it really thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that I know how to achieve it.

      It’s a surprise to find yet another WA member here again :) I agree so much with you.that the free starter membership is a huge plus. It really gives me a chance to see whether the training is truly has value to help me living with my passion.

      I also know several members that use training at WA to build side business, while they still stick with their current job. It is a good thing they can still succeed and have a nice additional income source:)

      Thanks for reading this article and good luck with you too.

  29. You presented the material very well and the website you have created is very professional looking. I like your story here about finding a purpose for my life. Honestly, I never really think about that and just doing may routine daily life.

    I have looked into the blog about finding passion which link was given above and will consider it. Also, for the mean time I decided to give a try in this Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ken. Thanks for the compliment. The more important thing is the value I want to share with everyone. Thank you for taking a look into the blog. I hope you can finally find out your passion. In the meantime, if you want to follow the training but hasn’t found your interest, you can try the Affiliate Bootcamp first.

      I wish you the best success there and good luck finding your passion :)

  30. Finding your purpose in life and living out your passion is something we all think about. I have found your words very meaningful. What you are offering here is a great opportunity for one to consider making a change for the better within their life.

    1. Hi Cacao, you are right. Everyone has a hidden wish to make a living with their passion. Unfortunately, many of us are live in a society where certain jobs are highly praised and you will be ‘exiled’ (yeah, it is exaggerated a bit) if you don’t follow it.

      I know exactly this feeling, since I live in a society that praise highly someone who succeed in typical corporate career. I’ve seen so many of my friends afraid to leave their job and works with their passion because of this ‘culture’. That’s why when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I want to share it to help other people (whether they are stuck in 9-to-5 jobs or not) to find a way to live with their passion.

      Thanks for visiting :)

  31. Hi, I’ve been researching online marketing recently and have come across the wealthy affiliate name quite often. I’ve been looking for a way to monetize my hobby, and this program looks good.

    I really like how this is something I can try out for free, I’m going to look into it later when I get home, appreciate your info on the program!! Thanks again, Will

    1. Hi Will, thank you. I also found this program when looking for a way to live with my passion. That free trial is something that made me decided to give a chance whether this program really fit my need or not. I hope you will be succeed then :) Don’t hesitate to ask me if you stuck on something

  32. Nice article you have here! I have never been one of those people that wants to work the 9-5 job. I worked retail for quite awhile and decided I just couldn’t do it anymore. It is definitely not for me. Now, I’m trying to find another way to make a living and your article definitely helps. I can see that your story with Wealthy Affiliate is genuine and will try it as long as it give me chance for a free trial like you’ve said.

    1. Hi Angel. Thanks for reading :) Yeah I am also preparing my business to get out from the 9-to-5 job. Wealthy Affiliate really helped me to achieve it. I know several people that still love his/her corporate career and decided to open side business and able to support their monthly income.

      Yes, you can try for free and decide whether it is worth it or not for you. Hope you are going well :)

  33. I totally agree working a 9 to 5 isn’t for everyone, I felt that way for almost my whole adult life. There is nothing worse then being confined to job that leaves you depressed at the end of the job, I know I’ve been there.

    I never heard about WA before, but I will take a look into it. I hope to break free from this typical 9 to 5 chain. It looks as though you found a path to follow and i wish you the best.

    1. Hi Alfonso, I really understand about what you feel. I wrote this article and share it t everyone, so they can find the purpose of their life. Thank you for deciding to take a look. If you stuck or have something you don’t understand, do not hesitate to send me a message :)

  34. Hi,

    I was looking for a way to build online business and found your site, but the free membership calls my attention. Your story here made me curious.

    Is it possible to succeed with the basic skills?

    1. Hi Takeo,

      Thank you for finding my site and reading my story :) Yes you can succeed as long as you have a good determination to succeed and don’t give up so early. As a typical business, living your passion by building an online business requires some efforts.

      Fortunately, WA offer training about building your online business which can be set by your own pace, and they even let you join for free to taste whether the training is worth it or not. I am a totally newbie when I joined here, but the training is designed so even a totally noob can understand the training :)

      Good luck if you want to try it. You can send me message there if you stuck on something. My username there is Everlight (as seen on the screenshot above).

  35. Hi!

    I really like your article. You are being honest but let me add one thing; the whole humanity is living the way you describe it because they do not know what else to do. It is a borrowed reality. Everybody is focused on survival but the question is; does it have to be that way?
    I know one thing for sure; few of those people you mention as successful like Gates, Zuckerburg and Disney, are not successful because they were capable. They are successful because somebody made them that. It is not their own creation.

    Thanks for honesty, not easy to find in today`s world!

    1. Hi Igor. Thanks you for sharing your thought. I believe that everyone has been chosen for certain role in their life. However, they have an ability to follow it or not. I am actually believe that when someone has a purpose in life, and they have a strong determination to achieve it, the ‘success’ will automatically come to them. That is why it is important to give a thought for our purpose in life, and living with our passion.

      Thank you for reading too :)

  36. I’ve seen some great reviews of this online course AND their training program. Seeing your story is really touching.

    Are you finding it to be universally applicable, or just valid for one online business model? I’m really interested now because I really want to build my own online business. The free trial make me sold and I will try it.

    Thanks for sharing this program.

    1. Hi JH, thanks for your comment here. I am lucky to find this training program. They didn’t offer get-rich-quick, which is a typical scam for most of the training out there. After trying it, I know exactly why there are so many positive reviews out there like you said :)

      Yes it is universally applicable for every business model. Whether you are in health, sport supplements, hobbies, or whatever category you are interested with, the training is worth it to build and improve your online business performance.

      Thanks for wanting to try it. You can find me at WA with username Everlight if you stuck on anything. Good luck :)

  37. Wonderful food for thought here! Work-life balance is so important as everyone’s lives seem to be getting busier and busier, and there is less time to do the things we love. For example, spending more time with our families, or travelling and meeting new people. I see that this gives a real option to people who are looking for a new way to work doing something they are really interested in. I will share this to my friends – thank you.

    1. Hi Mara, thanks for your compliment :) Yes, as the basic need, we want to have more time to spend with our beloved ones (friends, families, etc) and doing other things that really make us ‘alive’. Building an online business (whether it is a side income source or primary income source) is a thing that one can try to do for achieving it.

      Thanks for visiting too :) I hope you and your friends who will be reading this article will find it useful.

  38. Incidentally, I am a current member of Wealthy Affiliate and quite surprised to find it here when looking for work-life balance tips. I really like how you compare living with a purpose with Wealthy Affiliate as Wealthy Affiliate really does allow anyone to put their passions into practice and build a sustainable online business working from home. I really enjoyed how your content is also helpfully layed out with images which will help readers

    1. Hi Jazzy, thanks for enjoying the content. Yes, as a current member of WA, I also like it as I am now living with a purpose. I’m still a corporate worker now, but I am building my online business now as a preparation to achieve a full control of my time and my life. Thank you for your sharing about WA :)

  39. Wow your article and website really look so beautiful and professional and it filled with powerful information and tool. We actually lacking correct and legit information and the information which is available on internet most of them are crap. But I thank you for coming up with great information about WA and giving people insight how they make their passion into money. I will definitely check WA for myself. Thank You

    1. Hi Adeel, you’re welcome. I just wrote what I feel and know about my experience and share it with others :) I’m glad if what I’ve wrote about finding your purpose in life and how to make money from your passion can help you. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have another question :)

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