Warning - What Is Online Scam

What is Online Scam and How to Deal with It?

Do you ever heard about online scams? What if you become the victim of online scams? No worries. There are lots of ways to define what is online scam and how to deal with it.

The Internet has become our needs nowadays. Statistics proved that 80% percent people use smartphone as their gadget and checked on the internet every 5 minutes, it is also true that the internet almost does have everything that people need such as information, picture, music, or even money.

As a corporate worker, we may be tempted to earn additional money outside of our full-time job. There are a lot of opportunities to earn some money in the internet world using our spare time. However, like finding a ‘real’ job in the offline world, there is a good chance that you can get scammed too.

So, What is Online Scam?


Warning - What Is Online Scam

Beware with online scams

Online scam is an event when someone (as scammer) does things that will make others (as victim) lose their money. For example when someone sent me an e-mail that says I won a lottery for US$ 1.000.000. I would be very happy at first.

But if I didn’t do some research or even investigation about this e-mail and just do whatever the scammer says to get the US$ 1.000.000, I will lose my money and do not get even a cent from this lottery.

Beside lottery thing, online scams sometimes also come to people who try to get money from online. There are a lot of websites that offer the opportunity to earn money using your writing or transcribing hobby, or selling your graphic design. All of them offer the easy ways how to get money.


How to Deal with Online Scams?

How To Detect Online Scams

Can we detect online scams when applying for online jobs?

When you want to work at those websites to earn additional money, there are some ways you can try to detect if the website is a scam site:


1. No verified contact number

If they are not scammers, they will give you their information as much as possible, including their contact number. Search for their contact number in their website or ask directly their customer service contact number. Do not hesitate to try to call them to make sure before you make any transaction.


2. Check how old is the website

You can also check on how old the website is. If it’s already 3 or 4 years, you still need another accurate information to prove that is a scam website. But if the website is only 1 year or even worse, months. It’s a good idea if you find another trusted website, although older website doesn’t always mean it is a trusted website.


3. Check on the server

If the website is real and has real company, they will use their own domain not the free one like gmail, hotmail, or ymail. If they use the free domain, just forget it. It means that they do not want to give some effort to buy domain. If the website does not want to do the little things like that, how could you trust them to give you more money? Click on the ‘contact us’ to find out about it.


4. Check how good the customer support is

Check on how good the customer support is. The easiest way is check on the FAQ on how they answer the question or just check their social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Check on their frequency post on their social media and how they answer question. If their answer is bias or not answer the question, be aware of the website.


5. Check the website design and layout

If the website is full of advertisement banners and popups that make you hard to proceed further, there is a chance it is a scam website. Also, if you try to create an account or directed to click a link before proceeding, beware if it brings you to another website.

I have an experience like this when I try to create an account in ‘yyyy.com’, they bring me to ‘zzzz.com’ and I have to click another link again that will bring me to another website ‘abcd.com’, full of advertisement banners. Just leave it because there is a good chance you will be scammed.


6. Check on Google

Just google about the website and try to get both positive and negative reviews as many as possible. If the website information is still not enough, google thei founder’s name. For example: ‘Richard Berk on xxx.com’. you’ll find a lot of information that will help you to make sure. After you do that, I’m sure you will be really thankful for those people who took their time for reviewing the websites.


7. Too good to be true

This is usually the most powerful indicators among above ways. If the website said that you only need to send them a bit of money and then you will get 2 times or 3 times of your money, that’s called too good to be true. Or, if website tell you that you simply do some clicks or easy copy pasting to earn several bucks per click, that is also called too good to be true.

You can’t earn that much money in such a short period of time if you have little to no experience at the job. The old saying ‘success can’t come overnight’ is applied here.


So, Is It Still Possible to Earn Money from Internet World without being Scammed?

Can We Earn Money From Internet?

Earning money from Internet is possible and legit

Yes, it is. The Internet does give us shortcuts to find and do anything, as long as we are smart. The Internet also could give us money if we know how to find it. A lot of ecommerce website produce money to their owner, so it is true that you can earn money from internet in legit ways.

I will update you with some reviews of freelancing websites that can make you earn some money in your spare time. As a corporate worker, it is already a challenge to earn additional money for our living because we have a full-time job. You can check on this article about how to make a living by doing what you really like or what you passionate about.

I hope you get a grasp what is online scam and how to deal with it. Try to get as many information as you can from the internet or your co-worker, and educate people who don’t really understand about the internet that scams exist in both online and offline world. If you have experience of being scammed online, you can share your experience here to by leaving a comment. Thanks :)

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