Work Life Balance is Bad to not ever think about having it

What!? Work-Life Balance is Bad? Are You Mad?

No, I’m not. It is SO bad to not even thinking about the importance of having it. In the previous article, I have talked about work-life balance definition. By now, you must have already understood how important it is to have a balancing working life. Unfortunately, there are many companies who doesn’t even give any attention to this. A company who doesn’t care about work-life balance is bad for both their workers and working environment.

A bad working environment could bring many disadvantages to workers which would also affect their performance. This, in another turn, will lead to disadvantages to the company itself. Bad reputation and losing potential employees will affect the company overall business performance negatively.

If you caught up with the title (and forgive me if you feel trolled), please continue reading for a while J

It is not only the money but also people’s life at the stake.


Work Life Balance is Bad to not ever think about having it

Overworked can make you ‘break’

Many people are struggling to have a work-life balance since they focus too much on job accomplishment. They overlook their own health or sacrifice the time they should have made for their family.  Some companies takes the advantage from these people to work them for the sake of the company itself.

What’s worse is, some people even going through an emotional upheaval as the result of working under immense pressure. It’s a pity that some companies just look for their employees as a ‘disposable productivity machine’. This statement is directed to not only the company itself but also the bosses that don’t see their employees as ‘human’.

Working for a big company might have its own benefit. But on the other hand, many people also overworked while trying to climb up the corporate ladder.  Though I admire the dedication, we all need to remember that overworked is not good for our health.

At some point, it can even lead to death. I’m not exaggerating here. Just look at some of these real stories from people who lost their life because of overworked in several countries.

 1. Japan

Japan is known for its high work ethics. Unfortunately, it’s also causing many deaths of its workers from working too hard. There’s even a term made to call the state of someone who died from overworked, which is Karoshi. In one case, a top Toyota Engineer died of heart attack in 2006 because of working too many hours. The man’s identity is being withheld by his family’s request. But it’s clear that since two months before his death, the man had overtime more than the average 80 hours per month.

2. United Kingdom

In 2013, a young Bank of America intern in London, Moritz Erhardt was found unconscious in the shower of student residential where he lived. His body was discovered by his flat mate before the paramedics came and confirmed him dead. The reason of his death was unclear, but his neighbors and colleagues suspected that he may suffer a heart attack after working throughout the night for three days in a row.

 3. South Korea

In September 2013, a young contractor of Samsung Electronic customer service, Yim Hyeon-Woo died after working an average 60 hours per week since May 2013. The man died of brain hemorrhage. Throughout May and June, Yim only took a day off on the weekend and worked more than 80 hours in a week.

4. Canada

In 2013, a former Chinese immigrant, Bao Min Cheng died from heart failure after working a 13-hour shift at Hallmark’s chicken slaughterhouse factory. Every day, he worked 60 to 70 hours per week doing repetitive physical labor. His family filed a suit against the employer because they believe the employer has negligence over The Employment Standard Act, which prohibits employers from requiring or allowing their workers to work excessively overtime.

5. China

In April 2014, a Chinese banking regulator name Li Jian Hua confirmed dead due to sudden heart attack. His employer said that Li Jian Hua died while he was trying to finish a report before the sun came up. His department is known to regularly work until midnight or later and his death categorized as long-term overworked.

6. United States

Early this year, a Goldman Sachs analyst, Sarvshresht Gupta found in the parking lot next to his apartment and declared as dead. The cause of the death was officially determined to be suicide by jumping. But the reason he took the decision was pretty clear, a stressful working life. The essay his father written showed how Gupta was trying to deal with stress at work.


Attention to the Employees AND Employers


Attention! Please consider about work-life balance

Attention! Attention! Don’t lose yourself in the sea of ‘overworked lifestyle’

After reading all the stories above, I think you’ll agree that a company which didn’t care about work-life balance is bad for both the workers and working environment. When you become a part of a big company, the work-life balance wouldn’t really be a balancing life. You will work so hard to impress your employer and chasing for career advancement. That will be your priority that you start to put aside all the other things, including your own health.

This is also true if you are a boss or an employer. You need to maintain and ensure that BOTH you and your workers have a good balancing in both working and life outside work. This will lead to a higher performance, and eventually benefited your business performance.

But like I said before, in order to achieve a work-life balance, you have to maintain both accomplishment and enjoyment. No matter how the company sees it, you deserve to have a work-life balance. Please read my previous article about the definition of work-life balance if you haven’t, as it will be a good guidance in obtaining your work-life balance.

I’ll try to cover up as many tips and tricks as possible about my experience and research in work-life balance and productivity enhancement in the future. Please look forward and be excited about other articles J

Any food for thought is welcomed.

Alexander Blue

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  1. I’m a workaholic myself. I recall working at the post office and coming home to try writing a book on the side. This had some very drastic effects on my behavior.

    I would be so stressed sometimes that I would end up doing nothing for periods of time and sometimes this would lead me to feel fatigue.

    I still do it but at least I make sure to take big breaks in between and time to relax now that I work at home.

  2. Hi Alexander,

    Very wise article you’ve written here. It is so important for us to maintain a good work/life balance, not only for our own health but for our family too. Families tend to break when one of the members is never unplugged. It can cause so much damage. Of course, the health issues caused by working too much are top priority too.

    Thanks for spreading such great advice! What types of activities have you found that help with maintaining that balance when it’s hard to unplug from work?


    1. Hi Kris, thanks for sharing your opinion :) For myself, technologies has certainly helped to lower the gap. Video Call or even a little text from me to my family is quite enough to maintain the gap. Also, if your work has caused too much ‘unplugged social time’, you may need to consider talking to your boss about the workload :)

      Here is a link to some advice about negotiating with your boss, in case you or your friends need it :)

  3. I believe you’re helping a lot of workaholics world wide with this article! As we can see on the examples you’re giving, it can happen all over the world. I love when people are sharing information like this to help other people. Please keep up the very good work man! I will make sure to bookmark this page.

    1. Thank you Daniel. Workaholic seems to be ‘trend’ lately,at least in my place. So I hope people can really consider the importance of work-life balance. We work to live, not live to work :)

  4. Working with difficult people is so hard. It seems we all have to do it too, because they are everywhere in every workplace. For the stubborn person you are describing, I think at some level she feels disrespected and not heard.

    Try to find things (I know it’s hard) where you are similar or have things in common. Mention those things, bring them up in conversation. The store or restaurant she likes? The neighborhood she grew up in? The school she went to? The dog or cat she has? Her children? Just be sure to comment on something you have in common all the time. Hopefully, she will see you as more like her, someone who can hear her and less of a threat so that working with her will be easier. Hopefully.

    Read a little on narcissist personality. Understanding may help. Give her info in a way that makes her feel like she is making the decision. Unfortunately, don’t expect much. Certainly don’t expect her to change. It’s going to be you changing your feelings about it (for your own sake).

    If they are too far off in the narcissitic corner (on a scale from a little bit on over to a HItler), getting a new job might be the only answer!

    1. Hi Patt, thank you so much for sharing your suggestion :) Yes it is hard to work difficult people, In extreme condition, you are forced to work without any sense of enjoyment. This in turn can lead you to work-life imbalance, and even some cases like above may happen sooner or later.

      For more information about dealing with difficult people, you can also check this article. Thank you :)

  5. Too much work can definitely cause you enough stress to get very sick and even die as you’ve shown in this article.

    I can definitely relate as I’ve gotten sick in the past because of long hours and work stress. And now that most work is being done on computers these days, most people tend to bring home their work with them, which is a very unhealthy thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ian, you are right. Although technology make us to work easier, there is a downside on that too. Now, people tend to bring their work to home and this creates even more imbalance on their work-life balance.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Alblue,

    I agree with you totally on this article. I worked for a company that was only concerned with the project and shareholders. The work weeks were 70-75 hrs/wk with overtime and there were older employee’s coming to work hurt with boots and canes. The supervisors were always micro managing on job sites not to mention some weren’t even SMEs on their job. With something like this slowly creeping up on people why isn’t there something being done ? Or maybe at least someone regulations companies on this unfair treatment of employees.

    1. Hi Mogul,

      I can’t imagine a job with 70-75 working hours per week. It is relatively close to my job as a financial auditor previously. Many of my friends have suffered some serious sickness because of this insane working time. There is nothing to be done because it seems a ‘cultural’ working hour. You are not a financial auditor if your working hour is ‘just’ 40 hours a week.

      Yeah, I hope there will be some strict regulation to rule the working hours and punish companies that don’t comply with it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can find a better job with more ‘humanized’ working hours. You may want to read my article here about finding a purpose in your life, which hopefully can encourage you for a better life.

  7. I am definitely someone who is a workaholic. I’m aware of it but still can’t seem to change it. My friends tell me that I never want to do anything unless it’s work related and they’re upset with me for it. It’s true though.
    I know I need to work on my work-life balance. I’m going to read your previous article now so I can maybe get some help. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gina, thank you for sharing. You can look forward to some articles in the future too about maintaining work-life balance.

      When we talk about work, you can remember this statement: ‘Work’ is like a rubber ball. When it fall down, it will be bounced back. ‘Friends’, ‘family’, ‘relationship’, and ‘health’ are like glass balls. When those fall down, it will be broken.

  8. A great article that many dont even consider at times. To much work and not enough time to enjoy life can really stress certain people and could lead to depression and a lot of other negative consequences. Your site does a great job in explaining the balance that is needed between both. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ananomyx. Yes, work and life need to be balanced. This is also true for both the employees and employers. Thank you for the compliment and kindly visit again later :)

  9. You’re right, work-life balance is really important. The stories you mentioned are really unfortunate, but that is the reality for many. I have a few family members that have very busy corporate careers but are able to manage everything well, thankfully.

    It’s so easy to get consumed with work to the expense of other things.

    Thanks for your post, it’s a good reminder.


    1. Hi Bryan, that’s a good thing to hear. Your family members must have a good time and productivity management then. Thanks for visiting too :)

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